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A unique feature of Iyengar yoga is the use of precise alignment, in sequence, in a specially chosen time and using props.

It is the accuracy and consistency of asanas in practice that are the hallmark of Yoga Iyengar (yoga of exact alignment). If the legs should be straight, then they should be absolutely straight. If the legs are to be bent at the knees, they should be bent at right angles. It is necessary to level the palms when hands are raised in Urdha Hastasana. Weight should be equally distributed between the legs in Tadasan.

Even a beginner yoga teacher will undoubtedly note the accuracy and alignment in his first classes in yieng Iyengar. Nevertheless, some of the teachers deride the "accuracy and alignment" of the body forgetting why Guruji insists on accuracy. Precision is not just for geometric alignment of the body structure!

Accurate alignment in asanas is not just intended for alignment of the body, but also for the correct functioning of the person. If the body is aligned with accuracy, then the breath aligns with the same accuracy, if the breathing is balanced, then the mind, emotions and feelings are balanced. We must understand this relationship and how it interacts and influences our body.


According to the yoga of adept masters of the past and present, we all consist of the physical and energetic layers of the body. The outer layer or physical layer is our material body, and the inner or energy layer is prana, our life force. Although the physical layer and the energy layer can be described and tested in different ways, they are inseparable, adjacent and interconnected. What happens in one is directly related to what is happening in the other. It is here that the importance of leveling comes into play at a different level. Just as water takes the form of a vessel through which it flows, so is energy. Where there are debris, the flow is difficult. Where the paths are open, the flow is free. Therefore, the correct alignment of the body allows you to achieve the optimal flow of energy in the body.

The correct alignment is helped by the layout on the Lepomate rug, which is used to direct consciousness to the body area, to check the alignment of the body, to hold it for a long time, both in simple as well as in complex asanas. Also, the marking prevents the sprains and joints from stretching from excessive stress.


Thus, as disciples of the Iyengar Yoga, we must practice yoga and work on progress in our practice. We must level our sharira. Sharira, which is freely translated as a body in English, actually covers our breath, mind, feelings, intellect and emotions. Therefore, although we begin with a physical equalization, we must progress to include the full meaning of the sharira.