The best gifts for yogis

by Администратор Главный

New Year holidays are approaching, which means it's time to think about what to give yoga for the New Year. People who spend most of their time on their rug will certainly appreciate gifts for yogis! For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best gifts from Lepomate, something that you could wish and give to your yoga lovers.

 Solo mat
Lepomate Solo mat with markup for alignment If you want to please yourself or your beloved yoga with a truly inspired gift that will give you a lot of emotions in the new year, then the elegant star mat Lepomate Solo is a matt version! In addition to its beauty, the mat has a unique alignment system called the Lepo alignment system, which helps in leveling the asanas, and a specially designed anti-slip topcoat allows you to stand firm even when your palms become wet.


Stylish leggings for yoga and fitness
In such stylish leggings, you definitely will not remain unnoticed! Many yoga lovers choose universal leggings for yoga and fitness, such as Valset's light leggings, which are excellent for fitness and yoga, and it's a great gift for a yoga lover! In Valset leggings, you will feel comfortable, as they perfectly hold the contours of the body during classes. These leggings for a particularly ambitious day, when after training you can smoothly switch to yoga and take your place on the rug in comfortable clothes.

Start kit

Starter Kit for Yoga
For a beginner yoga lover or for someone who has been engaged for a long time, but has not yet acquired a rug, a yoga set consisting of a rug, bricks for yoga and a belt, for example a set of Start kit, will be a pleasant gift. The mat from this set is so pleasant to the touch that it will definitely give the practitioner a feeling of comfort and will give pleasure. Also, he will definitely appreciate the unique markup "Lepo alignment system" for aligning the asanas.


Wheel for yoga
Here is another interesting gift for yoga, which surprisingly diversifies and deepens the yoga practice. It is enough to roll out a wheel for a quick but effective massage that reduces back pain and improves flexibility and deflections. An excellent accessory for stretch marks, to expand the boundaries of the body's capabilities and raise the practice to a new level!

Carpet for stretching and hot practice
A truly beautiful and most pleasant mat for stretching and hot practice. Velvety coating perfectly absorbs moisture and creates cozy on the rug.
The studio will noticeably change after you unfold this magnificent patterned mat Fiber yoga mat. Beautiful design will help to maintain motivation and attention.