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Sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, trauma - all this leads to debilitating pain in the back. To prevent this problem, you need to strengthen your back.

And how do you strengthen your back? If you are concerned about back pain, you need to master the basic asanas for the spine, which will help to strengthen the back and get rid of the pain.

In case you have had an injury, consult a doctor before starting the practice. Perform these asanas for the back and spine 2 - 3 times a week. If your back continues to hurt, consult a specialist

We will use a mat for yoga Lepomate Solo mat and a brick for yoga.

Now let's look at the asanas for the spine, which you can do at home. During the practice, do not rush. Do not wait for results on the first day, be patient, practice regularly and you will succeed!

1. Shalabhasana or locust pose.

Shalabhasana or locust pose. The position of the body reminds this insect from here and the name. Due to the fact that the spine in this asana lengthens and becomes more flexible, the pain in the sacrum and lower back eventually disappear. Also, asana works perfectly when displacing intervertebral discs.

The Locust pose helps alleviate the pain in the lower back, for this practice the variation of this posture.

Here are the steps you need to perform:

1) Put your rug in front of you and lie on your stomach. Keep your hands close. Make sure they are straight.

2) With an exhalation, simultaneously tear off the head, chest, hands, feet from the floor and raise them as high as possible. Only the stomach is pressed to the floor.

3) Try to fully straighten the knees while the hips, ankles and knees of both legs should touch each other.

4) Stay in this position for as long as possible. Breathe at a normal pace. Do not strain yourself.

5) As you exhale, start lowering.

6) Repeat 2 - 3 times.

2. Marjoriyasana or cat pose

The cat's posture with regular exercise helps to make the spine flexible and moving, eliminating the blocks and clamps in the waist, the interscapular area and the neck area.

1) Get down on your knees put your hands in front of you at a distance of shoulder width. Your body should be even and shoulders relaxed.

2) Stand with your feet back and spread your knees to the width of your pelvis. Knee joints should be located under the hip. Put the vaults of feet on the floor,

3) Taking a deep and smooth breath, try to qualitatively bend in the lumbar spine, "open" the chest and stretch the crown up, completely filling the air with your lungs

4) With a deep exhalation, try to exhale all the air from the lungs and as much as possible round the thoracic spine, pulling it up, and head as much as possible down.

5) Again, take a smooth and deep breath and repeat the two phases of the exercise described.

3. Purwortanasana or the Reverse Plank Pose.

Uttana is an intense stretch. In this asana there is an intensive stretching of the front surface of the body. The posture improves the mobility of the shoulder joints and completely opens the thorax. Strengthens the ankles and ankles.

1) Sit on the rug and stretch your legs forward, while placing your hands on both sides, fingers forward.

2) Bend your legs in your lap and lean on your feet.

3) On exhalation, lift the pelvis and transfer the weight of the body to the palms and feet. Straighten your legs and arms and pull up your knees with your elbows. Hands must be perpendicular to the floor, and the body parallel to it.

4) Pull out your neck and stay in that position for 1 minute. Breath even.

5) As you exhale, bend your arms and legs down on the rug, relax. Repeat the asana 2-3 times.

4. Ardha Matsiendrasana

Pose in which the spine is maximally curled. Helps to eliminate pain in the back and pelvic region, strengthens the muscles of the neck.

1) Sit on the mat and straighten your legs in front of you.

2) Bend the left leg in the knee

3) Rotate the body to the right 90 degrees, leaning with the right elbow on the knee.

4) Stay in this position for 1 minute, then make the asana on the other side. Repeat 2-3 times.

5.Setu Banbhasana

Seta means "Bridge", and the network of bandha is the construction of the bridge. On one side, the asana supports the crown, and with the other foot, forming an arch. Asana perfectly strengthens the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral parts of the spine, and also activates the extensor muscles of the back and pelvis.

1) Lay down on the rug and after a few deep sighs and bend your knees.

2) Place the brick like in the photo, thus, tear off the pelvis from the floor and straighten your arms.

3) Hold this position for a few seconds. Breathe quietly.

4) On exhalation remove the brick and drop to the floor. Relax.

5) Repeat the asana 2-3 times.

In the photo - Alena Vorobyeva, teacher of yoga and female practices