Lepo alignment system


Many yoga practitioners constantly ask themselves “Do I position my hands and feet correctly while doing this or that asana?” or “Aren’t my feet too far from each other in some positions?”

Situations like these are not helping at all and sometimes can even lead to trauma or sprain.



Buy a special yoga mat with alignment marks and just watch the lines to keep your body in the right position during the practice. It helps to decrease the load on joints and ligaments. A non-slip yoga mat Lepomate Solo with a mathematically precise alignment system “Lepo Alignment System” created according to Iyengar method will serve us as an example.


Alignment yoga mat will help a beginner reach maximum efficiency for any position. Correct alignment means a lot, for it helps your body open faster, promotes learning more complex asanas and lets you find your “Perfect Position”.

The "Perfect Position" can be reached when there’s no tension and stress in your body during asanas. Your mind is synced with your breath and the body is fully open, so the energy flows freely. This is the ultimate goal of yoga.


In accordance with Iyengar-yoga, correct and comfortable space between your feet lengthwise (depending on your height and the asana you choose) is considered 90 to 135 cm and 30 cm edgewise. One can make alignment marks himself keeping in mind these numbers. You’ll need to mark your yoga mat according to the pattern as indicated in Figure №2, or you can just buy yoga mat with alignment online, just like this one - Lepomate Solo - the best yoga mat ever. Lepomate outline is done by the same pattern: there’s the center of symmetry, the center line, 8 horizontal lines (4 on each side), and a 45° rhombus at the center line, which makes it possible for people of different height to use this mat.

  As you do yoga with the best yoga mat you train your muscle memory, that will help you in the future, and you won’t need no lines for asanas in the future.

HOW IT WORKS Watch the upper and lower horizontal lines to position your hands and feet each way from the center line. If you use Lepomate yoga mat, in order to do «Downward dog» or «Plank» poses you need to set your hands behind the 1st and the 2nd lines (depending on your height) each way from the center line. As for your feet, set them before the 3rd and the 4th line accordingly. Remember to keep the distance of 30 cm between your feet edgewise. Using Lepomate lines as a basis for asanas building you won't have to think about the right position of your hands and feet.

When doing «Virabhadrasana», the «center of symmetry» (lotus) will help you center your body from top to bottom. With the help of 45°-angle marks, you can easily align your feet at 45° to your body and the center line will indicate where to place the medial border of your right foot and left heel. If you place your feet correctly, your chest should spread completely, which aids deep breathing.

Points for hands will help you to align your hands in «Urdhva Dhanurasana» edgewise. Points for feet will help you keep your feet hips width apart. This asana allows stretching your spine, which reinforces it and makes your whole body more flexible and responsive.


Slipping is also something worth paying attention to while building asanas. The best yoga mat should not let your hands or feet slide. If it does you’d better use a towel to avoid slipping or just buy a non-slip yoga mat, and Lepomate Solo yoga mat is a great one! This mat is made of natural rubber and features a non-slip surface that won’t let your hands and feet slip.