Our story

The story from the founder and CEO Lepomate
My way began with yoga in 2008. When I after a few months of studying at a yoga school, I went to a yoga retreat in the country where yoga originated. In India, our team studied with the pupil of Iyengar. It was a fantastic time. We studied hatha yoga, practiced and aligned on the floor. Certainly, there were difficulties, as hygiene and the correct alignment and slipping of hands and feet.

Unlike other types of yoga, hatha yoga is distinguished by the accuracy of alignment, veracity, this greatly depends the result and the progress of align our sharira . Therefore, draw lines on the floor for me for ease of alignment, because it's very important! And then, I bought the cheapest mat on which I drew the markup, but the problem of slipping hands and feet remained.

I began to study materials for mats and look for the best ones that could withstand high grip, with both dry and wet hands. So, there was an idea to create my perfect mat and share it with the world.

The result of my search, I embodied in some of the best mats in its category, which I combined with the navigation system "Lepo Alignment System" "Solo mat" is truly a mat with a high grip and an elastic mat made from natural materials with a high degree of comfort.And «ECO" mat is more democratic, it is very strong and perfectly suited for asanas on balance sheets. Especially for studios and for use on any surface, I created a mat with a lifetime warranty - "Studio mat". Also, I created a mat available for everyone - "Start mat", which is notable for its lightness and good grip.

So, I embodied my idea, which will help every practitioner improve his practice and rise to a new level quite comfortably.

I have not finished my search and looking for the best for yoga and fitness so far. I visit production in different countries for the manufacture of clothes and materials for mats, so that our products are helped us on our way.

With love and best wishes,
Founder of Lepomate

Diana Gurieva.