Solo yoga mat - Purple

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Lepomate Solo Yoga Mat will be your ideal assistant for yoga classes. Lepomate mat is able to push the boundaries of the body's capabilities and raise your yoga practice to new heights.

5 Reasons Why Lepomate Solo Yoga Mat is Best:

1) Anti-slip coating

- maintains a stable position and makes the practice as effective as possible even even when heavily wet palms.

2) Lepo alignment design on the mat

- it makes it easy and comfortable to stand in an ideal position, even if you have never done yoga.

Marking helps to avoid unnecessary overstretching and stretching of the muscles, and also to raise your yoga practice to new heights.

3) Made of rubber

- the rubber in the composition makes yoga mat very soft and pleasant to the touch, which is important when the knees, elbows or coccyx touch the floor.

4) Eco-friendly

- created from natural high-quality materials, and the upper and lower layers of the mat are interconnected without the use of toxic glue.

5) The ideal size

- Lepomate yoga mat is slightly longer and wider than the standard mat, which allows the practitioner to perform any assans with maximum comfort in length and width.

  • 185 (72")
  • 68 (26,7")
  • 0,4 (0,15")
  • 2,9 kg (6,4 lbs)
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